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The Australian National University

Tibeto-Burman linguistics

Tibeto-Burman linguistics is in its infancy at the Australian National University, but it is burgeoning. This list of researchers working on Tibeto-Burman languages associated with the ANU includes some who have recently left:

  • Kwang-ju Cho (Bantawa);
  • Virginia Dawson (Tiwa) (now pursuing a PhD at UC Berkeley);
  • Cathryn Donohue, a visitor from the University of Hong Kong, is working on Chinese languages, Bumthang, and other languages of southern China;
  • Mark Donohue (also: here) (Bumthang, Kuke);
  • Daniel Frost (Cantonese) (now working in industry);
  • Yishan Huang (黄艺珊) is working on the phonetics and phonology of Zhangzhou, a Southern Min language from eastern China (漳州);
  • Gwen Hyslop (Kurtöp); see here for language work (now at the University of Sydney);
  • Naijing Liu (刘乃菁) is working on Tsum, a Tibetan language of northern Nepal (चुम), and the Tianjin dialect of Mandarin (天津);
  • Christopher Weedall (Sajalong).
  • External links that are relevant include:

  • Jim Matisoff's Handbook of Proto-Tibeto-Burman;
  • The Himalayan languages website;
  • Updates on Tibeto-Burman happenings;
  • The Sino-Tibetan Etymological Dictionary and Thesaurus;
  • The website for the Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area journal;
  • The Ethnologue listing of languages in the family.
  • The SEALANG website (all sorts of useful things);
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